2018 Toyota Prius SUV Review, Design, Release Date, Price and Photos

The apparent benefit of a crossover- or SUV-based Prius is that attention to aerodynamics might be pushed back a little in favor of a conventional high flight height, included flexibility and more attention on developing an elegant vehicle. Toyota has yet to formally validate any plans for a Prius SUV, however it doesn’t take much imagination to see that such a vehicle would be an interesting addition to the existing lineup of Prius hatchbacks.

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2018 Toyota Prius SUV Design

Looking like a less-awkward version of the Nissan Juke, the C-HR Concept had vibrant lines, big fenders and a fascinating floating taillight style. If this concept were to become a truth, however, anticipate a number of the wilder elements of the deign to be softened, much like what Toyota did between the 2011 Toyota Prius C Concept and the production variation that followed a year later. Most importantly, this would consist of a conventional four-door setup, however it would be cool to see the aggressive face and pinched beltline make it into production. Even if it doesn’t appear as a hybrid or Prius-badged model, seeing such a little crossover in Toyota’s lineup would be good for the brand’s image.

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Toyota never ever revealed the interior of the C-HR Concept, but it must rollover the exact same styling style as the upcoming fourth-generation Prius Liftback, which we likewise have not seen yet. If you take a look at the current Prius lineup, each of the 3 various body styles share a comparable interior layout with the instrument assesses centrally located in the cockpit console, so it would be safe to say that Toyota might utilize a similar outside-the-box interior decoration for its 2018 Toyota Prius SUV too.

2018 Toyota Prius SUV Engine

Up previously, the Toyota Prius derivatives have actually all been hatchbacks that are targeted at green car enthusiasts with a goal of taking full advantage of fuel economy, but recent rumors recommend the Prius SUV could see the Mazda Skyactiv-D 1.5-liter diesel matched to Toyota’s extremely effective Hybrid Synergy Drive system. Hybrids have the tendency to do better in the city while diesels are at their best on the highway, which would suggest that a diesel hybrid would bring the best of both worlds to motorists no matter where they drive.

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2018 Toyota Prius SUV Release Date and Price

Assuming that Toyota keeps the present quartet of Prius models in place, the 2018 Toyota Prius SUV would probably stand as the highest-priced alternative in the hybrid’s lineup. This would position it above the $26,645 base price of the 2015 Prius v, but don’t anticipate it to crest the $30,000 rate mark. The 2018 Toyota Prius SUV is expected to begin production in this year. We currently expect an on-sale date sometime in 2018.